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Editing and writing in the biomedical sciences, since 1997

With ~25 years' experience working for researchers, clinicians and medical journal publishers, mostly in Italy, Valerie Matarese PhD has matured and consolidated the following editorial services:

Expert editing of research papers, reviews and grant applications

This service provides support to researchers who have drafted a manuscript that they wish to be improved prior to its submission to a journal (for publication) or to a granting agency (for funding). The overarching goal of the service is to help researchers achieve their aims, be it publication in a prestigious journal or receipt of research funds. More specifically, the service aims to optimize the presentation of the document, so that it is fairly and accurately reviewed for content without interference by poor language or poor presentation of data. An extra value of this service is that it reduces the number of criticisms made by peer reviewers, simplifying the revision process and speeding the time to publication.

People like me who do this work call it author editing (editing for authors, not publishers), and they call themselves authors' editors.

Valerie Matarese is an authors' editor specialized in the biomolecular sciences and dedicated to working with Italian researchers. With my help, researchers have published in journals such as Plos Genetics, Genes and Immunity, Autoimmunity Reviews, Blood, Journal of Internal Medicine, Journal of Medical Genetics, Carcinogenesis, Clinical Immunology, PNAS, Analytical Biochemistry, Redox Biology, Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, Arthritis Research and Therapy, Cellular Microbiology, Molecular Cancer, Proteomics, and more. Because some of my clients acknowledge my help in their papers, you can find examples of my work by searching for my name in the acknowledgments of papers published online.

How it works and how to request a price estimate

Strategic editing of grant applications: Why polish the language of text that is never published? (PDF flier)

Medical content writing & reporting

Valerie Matarese provides original English-language content on medical and scientific issues for websites and company documentation. I am able to quickly and accurately summarize, in English, highly technical information for a broad professional readership. Additionally, I write plain-language summaries of research articles (also called "author summaries" and "layperson abstracts").

Contact Valerie Matarese ( or +39-345-449-5281) when you require:

If you are looking for someone to write your research paper or review paper, please see below.

Writing support & training

Researchers sometimes require more substantial help than editing in order to prepare a manuscript with good chances of publication or a grant application with good chances of funding. They find themselves in this situation for lack of time, lack of training in the skills of academic writing, or difficulty writing in English.

One solution to this predicament is to engage a language professional to work with you in producing a document that accurately presents your data and expresses your ideas. The service developed by Valerie Matarese, called Team Research Writing, offers all the support you need to produce a publishable manuscript while at the same time providing you with individualized training so that you will find it easier to write papers in the future. This is not a pure medical writing service nor a ghostwriting service: you and your coauthors will be expected to provide the intellectual content and to contribute to the writing process under the guidance of me, your "team writer". It's an investment that you make for a lifetime of successful publishing.

How it works and how to request a price estimate

Another solution, suitable for small groups, is a scientific writing workshop or an intensive course during which, under my guidance, research articles or grant applications are written.

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Valerie Matarese PhD, editor in the biomolecular sciences

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