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EBW - Effective Biomedical Writing

An advanced, semester-long course in scientific writing for doctoral students and early career researchers in the biomolecular sciences. During the course, participants are guided through the process of writing a research paper using their own experimental data, following the latest standards of good scientific reporting. Each session is composed of short lectures alternating with practical work in small groups, focused on critical reading, problem solving and original writing. The course, given entirely in the English language, focuses on the presentation of scientific content — this is not a basic language course. All participants receive a copy of the 200-page course manual, Effective Biomolecular Reading and Writing, 2nd edition.

The course has already been given to graduate students in molecular medicine at the University of Milan (three times), to early career researchers and graduate students at the National Tumor Institute in Milan (five times), and to early career researchers at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise in Teramo (two online editions) and the National Research Council in Milan. Shorter workshops focused on specific topics of this course are also available.

Main learning goals
  • Learn to correctly structure an IMRaD research article
  • Learn to strategically choose the best presentation of data in graphic, tabular or textual form
  • Experience writing and revising, as well as working with an editor
  • Learn to write a publication-quality research article according to international standards
Teaching strategies
  • Lectures provide strategies for writing each section of a research article, starting with the presentation of results
  • Small group work: problem-solving exercises and peer discussion
  • Critical discussion in class: enhanced learning and scientific reasoning
Formats and cost
  • Residential: seven 5-hour days, at two-week intervals (total, 35 hours)
  • Distance learning: ∼20 sessions of 1.5 or 2 hours each, twice per week (total, 35 hours)
  • Maximum, 20 participants
  • Base price, € 11,500. For locations requiring air travel or an overnight stay, additional travel costs are added
  • Includes, for each participant, six rounds of feedback and editing on a brief manuscript and one print copy of the course manual
Front cover EBRW

Second edition, 2022
ISBN: 979-12-210-0995-8
196 pp, spiral bound
Table of Contents, Preface and Chapter 1
Main course topics
  • Biomedical publication: journals, articles, peer review
  • Reading in the biomedical sciences: browsing and critical appraisal
  • Writing process: from presenting data in tables and figures, to outlining and drafting Results, then Methods, next Introduction, finally Discussion
  • Guidelines for quality reporting
  • Text development: sentence, paragraph, section
  • Figures and tables: roles, choice, design, legends
  • Reporting quantities and statistics
  • Citation, quotation, paraphrasing, avoiding plagiarism
  • Revising strategically and for internal coherence
  • Preparing a cover letter that attracts attention
  • Responding to peer reviewers
Prerequisites for participation
  • University degree in medicine, biology or a related biomedical field
  • Ability to read and write English
  • Ability to understand English spoken by a native speaker
  • Preliminary results from a personal research project

The course is organized for preformed groups and is held conveniently at your institute or online on your e-learning platform. A brief bio of the instructor is available here. For further information:   Dr. V. Matarese, Ph.D. (+39-345-449-5281;

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