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Team research writer - consulting service for biomedical research groups

strategies on how to best present your research findings
to publish better, faster and with less effort

"Team research writer" is an editorial consultancy for research groups in biomedical sciences. The main goal of the consultancy is to facilitate the writing of research papers following the latest international standards of scientific reporting. During the collaboration, the writing coach offers strategies and advice on how to achieve high-impact publishing [1] and guides the authors in all phases of the writing process, from organizing the data to be presented to writing the paper, section by section, and from preparing a convincing cover letter to responding to the comments of peer reviewers. At the end of the consultancy, the researchers will be more independent writers with better knowledge of the process of writing research articles that meet expectations.

The Team research writer is a scientific writing coach who:

This is not a ghostwriting service. Authors are expected to analyze their own data, present it graphically, do their own literature searches, and formulate their own arguments about the research. The writing coach will help bring this information together in a coherent research article, without taking on authorial roles.

The consultancy is carried out using both distance communication (by email, telephone, Skype) and personal meetings in the authors' laboratory, especially at critical phases of the writing process. Therefore, this service is offered on a limited basis to clients in north-central Italy.

For further information:   Dr. V. Matarese, Ph.D. (+39-345-449-5281;

1. Matarese V (2010) Emerging concepts in high-impact publishing: insights from the First Brazilian Colloquium on High Impact Research and Publishing. Ann Ist Super Sanita 46(4):451-455 (Medline, Full text)

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